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We believe women are the experts in their own lives. We value survivor leadership and work to create it as much as possible. Being empowered means that women are active in the decsions they make. We understand that the sex trade is not about one person but about a system of things that all work together to oppress vulnerable women. Best practices looks at how social justice and empowerment go hand and hand. Women who are active in their own decisions are creating change just by being in charge of their choices and their destiny. 

We are dedicated to creating a safe, respectful and healthy environment for those with a history of violence and exploitation. We strive to meet the needs of our members and continue to provide services that will remain flexible and relevant to the changing needs of our community. 

We also are able to speak up about the stigatization of women involved in the sex trade, and continue to add our voice to creating needed public policies and supports for Boston's most marginalized women.  


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